According to the various categories to be defined, natural or legal persons, national or foreign, without distinction of sex, race or religious creed, can be admitted by the Association Board under the regulations, who undertake to comply and Observe their statutes and regulations.

 - Admission as a member may be subject to prior payment of a fee.

- The internal regulations will define the rights and duties of each of the members.

 To subscribe as a member of ACMA, you must fill out a form, sign and scan for sending to our email You should then also send the original signed via postal office to our address, attaching a copy of your ID and the household, if applicable. Request your form via email.

If you wish to include your household in the membership form, you may include members up to the age of 18 and/or spouse, exceptionally up to the age of 23 if you are a student. You must also send proof of your household (issued by the tax office or IRS tax return cover sheet).

For more information and request forms please send an email to "" with the subject "I want to be a member of Maré".