ExploreSantaMaria Guide


There are several possibilities to get to and travel around Santa Maria. To find out the best way to Praia Formosa and the Maré de Agosto Festival, just visit WWW.EXPLORESANTAMARIA.PT and consult information on how to "travel to Santa Maria" and how to "travel through Santa Maria". #EXPLORESANTAMARIA


The most common form of accommodation among our festival goers is the Camping Park in Praia Formosa. The park is owned by the Town hall of Vila do Porto, and all questions and requests for information about the Camping Park must be submitted to the mentioned entity By the following:

E-mail: pcampismo@cm-viladoporto.pt | Tel .: (00351) 296 883 959.

You can check the regulation (which includes pricing) in the "Services" tab of the Website: www.cm-viladoporto.pt.

However, if you wish to stay in a hotel unit or prefer a unit of accommodation in rural or local accommodation, you can also know all the possibilities through the WWW.EXPLORESANTAMARIA.PT website and look for the info on "Accommodation".



Whoever comes to Maré, cannot fail to experience the local gastronomy of the island. There are several restaurants where you can refill your strength and savor the delights of the “Ilha do Sol”. Visit WWW.EXPLORESANTAMARIA.PT and see the information in "Gastronomy".