Thirty-five editions of the Maré de Agosto festival;

  • Four editions of the pop / rock festival Tempestde de Janeiro;
  • Two editions of the Anticiclone pop / rock Festival of July;
  • Music training courses given by teachers from Hot Club School;
  • Music Workshops, promoted by musicians from Aragon, Canada, Brazil, USA and Portugal;
  • Exhibitions: Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Handicrafts;
  • Theater Shows and Cinema Cycles; Cooperative actions with all the Cultural and Youth Associations of the island of Santa Maria;
  • Complementary activities from  the schools of the municipality of Vila do Porto;
  • Support for the launching and dissemination of local musical projects;
  • Co-realization of VI and VII editions of the International Festival of Local Folklore;
  • Announcement of regional artists during the XXIII Edition of the Maré de Agosto Festival, through the initiative Palco Oportunidades DRJ 2007;
  • Reception of the theater group (Pre)textos;
  • Opening of the "Escolinha da Maré" music school in November 2009, currently working with 2 teachers, to minister seven different instruments to around 30 students;These students are offered one to two annual workshops as well as two concerts that mark the end of each term.
  • Hiring for the first time of a Gospel group in Santa Maria on December 8, 2013, made in partnership with C.M.V.P. and integrated in the 30 years of  the Maré de Agosto festival.
  • Participation in multiple editions of the Talkfest International Forum, largest forum for discussion of music festivals in Portugal.
  • Multiple partnerships with local companies that benefit our association members;
  • Multiple nominations for the various categories of the Portugal Festival Awards (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017);
  • Shortlisted at the Iberian Festival Awards 2018 at the categories of Best Hosting and Reception and Best Camping Site;