The entire venue is organized in order to provide the best conditions of comfort and safety, and it is fundamental that everyone respect the conditions of entry into it:

The following objects / articles are not allowed in the enclosure of Maré de Agosto:

    Dangerous objects (pocket knives, any type of weapon, etc.);

    Glass objects (bottles, perfums, etc.);

    Beverages and their containers;

    Non-accredited professional photographic / film cameras;

    Sound recorders;



    Stick GoPro / Selfie Stick or similar;

    Any object that can be thrown.

Failure to comply with these rules gives the organization the right to be expelled from the event, with tickets / bracelets being canceled without reimbursement. The organization of the event, in the use of its decision-making powers, reserves the right to trigger other legal means.

Inside the venue there are available: Bar, Merchandise, Maré Lounge and Bathrooms.

Outside the venue, the entire beach of Praia Formosa is concessioned to the organization of the Festival, and there are several conditions in the traffic circulation and parking during the days of the Festival.

Also outside of  the venue there are available: Welcome Center, Ticket Office, Exhibition and Activities Area, Camping, Food Outlet, Parking and Public Bathrooms.