Music School

Escolinha da Maré is a music school for all members and / or members of the household who decide to develop their musical skills, through the musical training provided at the school by Escolinha's teachers, and with a set of conditions available - including two rooms with various equipments.

Children from 4 years of age can enroll in one of the following courses:

- Musical Initiation - Composed by 2 classes per week (Students aged between 4 and 9 years).

     1 teacher / student instrument class, lasting 30 minutes.

     1 group class, lasting 50 minutes.

- Regular Course - Composed of 3 classes per week (Students over 10 years of age).

    1 teacher / student instrument lesson, lasting 50 minutes.

    1 class of musical formation in, with the duration of 50 minutes.

    1 choir class or Ensemble Class, lasting 50 minutes (only for students who have some domain of the instrument they are studying, according to the teacher's evaluation).

Monthly fees in the current school year:

A) 25 Euros for the students of the Course of Musical Initiation;

B) 35 Euros for students of the Regular Course; apart of the break periods provided for in the annual calendar.


Membership Quotas and Tuition Fees:

Cátia Pinheiro -

Anabela Sousa –

Pedagogical Area:


Tel./Fax: 296 883 151